Q-sauce Press release


"It was reliably reported this date that the phenomenally successful Q Sauce by Richards swept the awards in the Barbeque Sauce category at the 2003 Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show.

Q Sauce "Regular" (modestly spicy and immediately available at over 30 Northern California outlets) took First Prize and Q Sauce "Hot" (extra spicy and available only by subscription) took Second Prize.

The First Prize and Second Prize Ribbons are currently on tour and they will be available for private showings later this month.


Q-sauce Testimonials

"Dude! That barbeque sauce is hecka good!" Eight year old
red head to his buddies at Ukiah Farmers' Market.

"I don't allow ketchup in my house. Only Q Sauce." Simon L., Oakland, California

"This is the way classic barbeque sauce should taste!" Anchor Bay Market employee at tasting.

"Q Sauce is a unique sauce that dynamically changes texture andflavor with the amount of heat applied and the length of cooking time. As thesauce caramelizes it seals the moisture in and you end up with wonderfully succulent meats that are full of zing and rich barbeque flavor." Sean H., St. Louis and San Francisco

"After one taste I became a sex crazed addict and dumped all my Viagra inthe garbage can." Patrick James H., Sunset Hills, Missouri