Q Sauce by Richards - homemade barbecue sauce

A truly fine barbeque sauce. Q Sauce by Richards has its roots in a tradition as old as Savannah, Georgia. This fine sauce is made in small batches from quality ingredients by its creator Richards Haley.

Q Sauce is a tomato based sauce with depth of flavor, slightly smokey and a bit of a "kick". Hot enough to be interesting but not so hot as to mask its fine flavor.

q sauce bbq bottleOur bbq sauce has a seventeen year history of enthusiastic approval from those fortunate enough to have tasted it. Q Sauce gained its original following when Richards donated it to her children's PTA events. Though her children are now college age and beyond she still has a dedicated following of customers who first tasted Q Sauce through these grade school events.

Excellent as the classic American barbeque sauce with pork, chicken, beef, lamb or oysters it also works well as a dipping sauce for smoked meats or kabobs. Designed to be applied toward the end of the cooking process it forms a lovely glaze. One of the finest award winning barbecue recipe sauces.

Q Sauce BBQ News

2006 - We are Back!!!
After a brief intermission we have returned with the finest award winning barbecue sauce, Q-sauce by Richards. Please give it a try, you will love it! Also check out our barbecue recipe section not only do we have barbecue recipes but others as well. It's great to be back and thanks for visiting.

Whats new with our homemade barbecue sauce?

2006 - Upcoming Products by Richards
Not only has Qsauce been tasted and enjoyed as the best homemade barbecue sauce around for some twenty years now, we are going to add a complete line of bbq products and supporting barbecue recipes. Q Sauce will soon be joined by a Dry Rub, Hot Nepalese Chutney, Caramel Creams and Gift Baskets. Coming Soon!Qsauce homemade BBQ sauce, rss feed news